What People Are Saying About Darren Hill

“After 39 years and many representatives we finally have a city councillor who truly is in touch with his constituents. We also appreciate the way he keeps us informed of issues concerning both our constituency and the city as a whole. We wish to thank Darren for his efforts on our behalf.” Susan

“Darren is not even our Councillor yet and already he has looked after two issues for our
neighborhood” Helen (Hudson Bay Park resident)

“For three years I tried to get an answer and Darren got it in two days. I am glad he will be our new Alderman” Henry (Forest Grove resident)

“You are a fighter for the people!” Pearl

“Thank you, Darren, for being an exemplary councillor; you are a creative and innovative leader.” Kristina

“You did a great job of representing the interests of those who really need affordable transit
fares.” Ryan

“I want to congratulate you in being pro-active. This is an unusual trait for a politician.” Frank

“Thank you bravo for supporting discount bus passes I am proud of my councillor!” Colleen

“I wish to thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. We are sorry that you will not be our
councillor any more as you worked hard for our best interests.” Mary (City Centre resident)

“Thank you for your thoughtful work in our community.” Brenda

“I am most grateful for the intervention of Councilman Hill and for all his personal assistance with this problem.” Grace

“Keep pushing the boundaries – you are exactly what this city needs.” Cynthia

“Thank you for always taking time to speak to a concerned citizen.” Trish

“You are one amazing councillor – I have never been so informed.” Connie

“Thanks for everything you did for us. Your hard work on our behalf did not go unnoticed by all our neighbours.” Silvia

“I am so sorry to learn that we are being moved to a different Ward. You have done such an
excellent job - we have been more than pleased.” Connie (City Centre resident)

“Thanks for your assistance in getting this alley cleaned up. I tried for two years with no luck and one call to you had it looked after.” Michael

“Thank you for the excellent communication on all fronts.” Donna

“Wow, my husband does not get things looked after as fast as you do. Thank you!” Rosalie

“Sorry to hear that you won't be representing City Centre in the future!! Your regular emails to update on civic matters and your quick responses to questions I have posed - has been very refreshing -so very nice to know that someone cares enough to not only read but to also answer back.” Cecil (City Centre resident)

“Thank you for very concise explanation of all that is taking place in our area Councilman Hill, it is appreciated. Keep up the great work!” Lynn

“I appreciate you taking the time to make things happen.” Diane

“Thank you Councillor Hill for being so vocal and continuing to press Council on the important issues.” Gord

“Thanks to you Darren I feel like I won the lottery! There is a catch basin that has been opened up on the corner across the street.” Doreen

“The street cleaner came by this morning to take care of the spot that had been missed before. Thanks very much for taking care of this.” Rob

“All your efforts on our behalf and of the citizens of Ward 1 are greatly appreciated. You are always approachable and you have a great heart.” Gary

“Thank you for taking care of our best interest.” Cathie

“People trust you and appreciate what you do for us!” Rusty

“Go Darren....Go Darren. Thanks for the quick response.” John